"if you have to describe jennifer lawrence in one gif what would it be?"



Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling winning the Best Kiss award in 2005


Camila and Laurens reaction to the entire crowd singing along.

HALEY JAMES SCOTT APPRECIATION WEEK » day one: favorite scene(s)

You have nothing?! You have a beautiful son who is here! I am here!

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it


”?!” makes a sound in my head, but I can’t describe what it is.

lizacstuff asked: Love your J/D video! Perfect song choice, excellent job mixing the dialogue and fantastic scene selection. I'm actually a Josh/Donna shipper from back in the day. Back then, there were no gifs, some vids, but not many. (Tons of fic, though) It's so great to see what creative things people do who are just discovering the show.

wow, thank you so much! As I was watching the show this summer I kept getting frustrated that there are only a couple of Josh/Donna vids on youtube but I had to remind myself that it originally aired a long time ago.  I am so glad I finally watched the series, although it makes everything I used to watch that is still airing today seem trivial in comparison

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heyyyybrother asked: i'm sure you've gotten loads of these comments already, but WOW. your josh and donna video....i'm speechless. it's perfect.

thank you so so much!!! that means a lot, I am so happy to see that there are lots of other josh and donna fans on tumblr :)

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